Paying a Ticket
Click the red "Pay Now" button on the upper right of this screen. 

Send your completed plea form and payment by regular US mail before the court date on the citation.

Bring your plea form and payment to Eustace City Hall on or before the court date and time on the citation.
Municipal Judge Donna Mathis          Court Clerk Renee Reese
Contesting a Ticket
You have the right to contest your ticket or discuss the matter with the Municipal Judge.  To do so, come to City Hall on the court date and time listed on your ticket.  Please be aware:  the Code of Judicial Conduct prohibits the judge from discussing the merits of your case outside of a judicial proceeding.  If you have questions about your ticket, staff is available to answer them weekdays during business hours.
Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can I take defensive driving?

Some drivers are eligible for defensive driving to remove a citation from their record.  You must meet ALL of the following criteria to qualify for defensive driving:

  •     I have not completed (or in the process of completing) a defensive driving course in the past 12 months, and
  •     I do not have a commercial driver's license (CDL), and
  •     My citation is for LESS THAN 25 miles above the posted speed limit, and
  •     My citation was not for passing a school bus.

If you can answer "yes" to ALL  the criteria above, then you qualify for defensive driving.  If you do not qualify, but take the course anyway, it will not remove the citation from your record, and you will not receive a refund for your defensive driving course.  Please make sure you meet the criteria.

2.  I meet the criteria for defensive driving.  What should I do now?

If you have decided to take defensive driving, then we need several items from you.

    a.  Fill out the affidavit (on the back of your courtesy letter) and get it notarized.  Make sure you fill it out in the presence of a notary.  
    b.  A check or money order for $144.00 (if your violation occurred in a school zone, the amount is $169.00 instead).
    c.  A copy of your Texas Driver's License.
    d.  A copy of proof of insurance.

IF YOU MAIL the above items, please send them to us by certified mail and include a self-addressed stamped envelope.
The self-addressed stamped envelope allows us to mail you a receipt.  You will need that receipt to register for a defensive driving class.

IF YOU VISIT IN PERSON, please bring the above items with you when you visit.

3.  I qualify for defensive driving, and I have sent you the required payment and information.  What happens next?

We will send you a receipt.  Once you have it, you can register for a defensive driving course in your area or online.  You need to complete that course within 90 days.  

4.  I received a citation, but I missed my court date.  What should I do?

If you missed your court date and did not pay your ticket beforehand, CALL US IMMEDIATELY.  Individuals who do not pay their tickets and do not show up for court will have warrants issued for their arrest.  We are willing to work with you, but you must contact us so that we can help resolve the issue. 

​5.  I sent you the completed plea form and my payment.  Do I need to show up for the court date listed on my citation?

No.  You have fulfilled your obligations under the law, and you do not need to attend court.

6.  I am entering a plea of not guilty and requesting a trial.  Do I need to hire a lawyer?

The choice is entirely yours.  Some people have lawyers work on their behalf; others handle the case on their own.  We cannot advise you one way or another.

7.  I plan to pay my citation.  Should I enter a plea of "guilty" or "no contest"?

The choice is yours.  We cannot tell you which plea to enter.  The choice of the plea has no effect on the amount of the ticket.  Citations paid online automatically enter a plea of "no contest."
You can pay your citation online at 
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